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This week at rotary...

Salem Rotarian
Burba Dental Partners
This week at Rotary our own Dr. Randy Burba spoke about his work with the 1000 Smiles Dental program, the world’s largest humanitarian dental project. Annually, he and his family travel to Jamaica to provide much needed care. 
Randy has been traveling with 1000 Smiles to Jamaica for years. 1000 Smiles has various dental programs across the Caribbean, with the goal of expanding to West Africa. The program that Randy participates in provides free dental care for thousands of people every year. This covers everything from dentures to fillings. Randy has been going to Jamaica since 2013, with one year going to Turks and Caicos due to Covid.
Randy noted that Jamaica is still heavily reliant on tourism. Proper dental care is critical to getting and keeping front of the house jobs, which tend to be more lucrative and better tipping jobs. Without the "social six" an individual will likely end up behind the scenes at a resort. The work that 1000 Smiles workers are able to do is life changing. Often the work can be extensive.  
The clinics are set up in various cities across the country, often not to the appearance of an American dentist office. That being said, participants very much adhere to contemporary health and cleaning standards. Lines build up often and people are treated in the order that they arrive using a ticketing system similar to the Cheese Shop of Salem (or a deli, if you prefer). Electricity is scarce and the dentists can trip all of the circuits if everything is turned on at once. Generators are used pretty often to address this lack of electricity. The generators are fueled by gas, which requires the team to transport gasoline manually. 
There is always the opportunity to spend time with the locals, especially the children. Randy noted how appreciative the people are as they know that they otherwise would not be able to get this care. Dentistry is limited in Jamaica. Randy said that when they bring a dental surgeon along that they double the amount of dental surgeons on the island. It truly is a remarkable program. 
In other news, ballots were on tables this week to vote for directors for the next Rotary year. The club was treated to a very brief rendition of Let the Sun Shine In by our brave president, Claire Kallelis. 
A quick note that the Polar Plunge will not be taking place this year. If you are interested in an alternative, a similar event will be hosted by the Belle Isle and Parkway clubs called "The Bay of Pigs." We are unsure how accurate of a reenactment this will be of the 1961 event. 
Also, the Phoenix School's Early Act Club was at the meeting collecting your spare change. All the moneys collected will be donated to Change for Changing Lives. The cause that they selected to raise money for the North Shore Moving Market.
The baseball winner this week was Leslie Levesque who picked a task. She must bring one idea to the Membership Committee on how to increase membership. A reminder that each of us have a goal to invite a new person to Rotary, attend one networking event, participate in one Rotary activity, or anything else you consider important to Rotary. Jason Consalvo, Mike McLaughlin, Bill Henning, Marie Cardillo and Liz Bradt were all awarded stars.  
Rotarians had a fantastic time building 14 beds last week at the Build-a-Bed event organized by the Service Committee.  
We were joined by students from the Phoenix School making beds for "A Bed for Every Child."


You can now pay for your 50/50 Raffle tickets and Happy Dollars with your credit card. There will be a nominal fee for raffle tickets. Thanks to Doc for getting us one of those cool Toast devices!

VisIting Rotarians & Guests

Several guests joined us again today. Two Rotaract students from the Phoenix School, Liam and Alice, were in attendance collecting change for Change for Changing Lives. Angel Pena from Burba Dental was a guest of Randy. Justin Steele was a guest of Adria, a potential future Salem Rotarian and yet another younger (by Rotary standards) real estate agent. Bethany Jellison also joined us from the Carlton School. And, of course, A/V Jack is back! 

CAlendar winner!

Kelly sold by Kristen Armstrong


50:50 Raffle

Pot was $602

Matt Ingram and Tim Clarke played this week

No winner this week


  • Bruce Whear went with Heidi to Maine and spent over 7 hours doing a puzzle. Why not just stay in Massachusetts to do that? 
  • Jane Stirgwolt was with a group of friends when she was handed a picture of Hazel during her time visiting the Marblehead club, a reminder both of the importance of Rotary and how quickly time flies.
  • Leslie Levesque announced that the Phoenix School trip this year will be to St. John and the Virgin Islands.

Club Announcements and events

Virtual Winter Classes
February 28 and March 2 6-9pm
Do you want to enhance your Rotary experience and learn how expand your service to be a more effective member? Parts I, II, III and Graduate will be offered (and must be taken in order). Sessions are open to all Rotarians and Rotaractors...whether or not they are currently serving as club officers or on the club leadership track. Sign up here!
March 28 5:30-7:30
Real Pirates of Salem Museum
We will be having a meet and greet at the Real Pirates of Salem Museum. Stay tuned for more details!
Spring Into Action
May 11
Stay tuned. We will have much more for you in the coming weeks!
At Rotary, we understand that cultivating a diverse, equitable, and inclusive culture is essential to realizing our vision of a world where people unite and take action to create lasting change.
We value diversity and celebrate the contributions of people of all backgrounds, across age, ethnicity, race, color, disability, learning style, religion, faith, socioeconomic status, culture, marital status, languages spoken, sex, sexual orientation, and gender identity as well as differences in ideas, thoughts, values, and beliefs.
Recognizing that individuals from certain groups have historically experienced barriers to membership, participation, and leadership, we commit to advancing equity in all aspects of Rotary, including in our community partnerships, so that each person has the necessary access to resources, opportunities, networks, and support to thrive.
We believe that all people hold visible and invisible qualities that inherently make them unique, and we strive to create an inclusive culture where each person knows they are valued and belong.
In line with our value of integrity, we are committed to being honest and transparent about where we are in our DEI journey as an organization, and to continuing to learn and do better.
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