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This week at Rotary...

Escape Artist
& Life Coach
Today’s speaker was
all about positivity and living your best life.  Jason Gardner is an Escape Artist and Life Coach who performs for over 50,000 people annually and helps others escape from the negativity in their lives. Jason’s first advice to us was “If you’re feeling down, call a fellow Rotarian and plan a project of service.” You cannot feel badly when you are planning to help another person.
He also offered other strategies to stay positive, especially in a time like now:
  • Schedule free time – We spend our lives, scheduling appointments, family engagements, and business meetings, rarely missing these occasions, but we never schedule time for ourselves. Scheduling free time will make you more present for the important people in your life and your interests.  Free time can be enjoyed in increments, you don’t have to spend 3 straight hours on something. Take small breaks throughout the day.
  • Get in front of your day – Create one action step a day to help you reach your goals and review what you have on your agenda a day in advance to prepare. Visualize what you have to do and what is the desired outcome before you do it. This helps make the action, meeting, experience feel familiar and helps you get in front of the activity. Additionally, the night before, write down 1-3 things to do the following day that will lead you to accomplishing your dreams and goals. The next day, get those things done and reach your goals in a manageable way.   
  • Be prepared to be positive and present – How you show up for meetings and experiences affects how others will show up. If you bring positivity and energy to an experience, so will others! This makes it easier to connect to the moment and activity.
  • Show up for others – Try to show up for others and rate your actions and behaviors following an interaction, noting if you were loving, caring and kind in the moment and how you may improve going forward. This makes you more aware of your actions and will help you improve the positivity in your life.
Jason then explained the science behind how your thoughts affect your action. The Reticular Activating System (RAS) in your brain filters out things that are important to you and that you think about. Program your RAS to start thinking more positively. Envision your goals and future self to help achieve what you want. Think about simple things that feel good to you to program your RAS for happiness.
Jason closed with two offers to Salem Rotarians. One is access to a free e-book The Houdini Effect. The other is a free 30-minute radical shift strategy session with Jason. To schedule that text “escape” to 617.675.5588.
Jason would love to hear from Rotarians who attended his presentation. Did you have an insight, "aha moment," or transformative thought as a result of his presentation that you could share? Your comments can help others know what to expect when they’re feeling trapped in their situations and constrained in the expression of their true selves and can provide motivation for them to actually take action and make the changes. Click here if you are willing to share your thoughts with Jason.
Jason finished his presentation with a quote from his dad, Joel Gardner, “The good in me seeks the good in you.” Let’s keep that sentiment alive in all we do as Rotarians.


Zylee Delaney of Salem
Sold by Adria Duijvesteijn

VisIting Rotarians & Guests

John DiPiano of the DiPiano Family Law Group joined us again this week.


Mike McLaughlin shared photos from our last in person meeting at the Hawthorne was around this time last year and welcomed students from the Bates School for the Great Handshake competition, which was never finished due to the pandemic.

Why I am A SALEM Rotarian

Claire Kallelis shared that in 1982, she began her career with the Hawthorne Hotel as a banquet waitress. During this time, she was tasked with serving lunch to the Rotary Club, which was when women were not allowed to join Rotary. Claire was able to hear all the Rotary business, community events and fundraisers that the Rotarians participated in. This resonated with her as a Catholic and seemed to go hand in hand with living by the “Golden Rule.” These fellas were not just “talking the talk” they were “walking the walk.” When Claire had the opportunity to join the club, she decided to do so because Service Above Self is in her wheelhouse. Claire has selected Jen Close to share next week.

RotarIAN NEWS...

  • Gerrit Bradley’s dog had successful thyroid cancer surgery and is recovering with Gerrit and Liz sleeping next to him on an inflatable mattress downstairs. He also shared that his oldest, Jake, turned 20 and is looking forward to returning to college this fall.
  • Kristen Armstrong is having trouble getting her 10-year-old to read, so she started a book club for 4th – 6th graders. On Saturday morning at 10 AM, she will be hosting a book club for anyone with a child in that age group who may want to participate.
  • Jason Consalvo shared that Hank the Cat is doing better with his diabetes and may no longer need insulin going forward.
  • John Fisher commended Kristen for her book club idea. He read every book his daughters read from 6th grade through high school because it gave them something to talk about. They often ended up reading together as well.

Club Announcements

Dutch Drinks
Friday, March 12 at 6 PM
Building off Jason Gardner’s ideas for living our best lives and making time for ourselves, let’s spend the next Dutch Drinks celebrating what makes us happy! If you are planning to attend, please email me a photo or a note about what you enjoy doing in your free time for another round of Salem Rotarian trivia! This could include hobbies, interests, and whatever else floats your boat! A link to Dutch Drinks will follow in a separate email next week.
Calling All Spoke Note Takers
Jason Consalvo is looking for members to assist with notes for the Spoke. Adria will still compile the bulletin each week but could use some help with the notetaking during the meeting. Taking notes for the Spoke is a great way for new Rotarians to get to know our members! Please email Jason if you are able to help. Kristen Armstrong was the wonderful volunteer this week!
Salem Rotary Scholarship Applications Are Posted!
The 2021 scholarship applications are now available on our website. The Scholarship Committee is already working to promote this opportunity to seniors. Please help get the word out in any way you can and direct interested applicants to the “download files” section of our homepage on the bottom right for the applications. Applicants must be residents of Salem, Massachusetts and may not be the child, grandchild, niece, nephew, great niece or great nephew (this includes adoptive or step relationship) of any current member of Salem Rotary, or any person that has been a member of Salem Rotary within the past five years. These scholarships are available to grade 12 high school and trade school students pursuing college or a vocational trade. Applications will be accepted from February 24 through April 10, 2021.
Lifebridge Dinners 
The next Salem Rotary dinner for Lifebridge is scheduled for Wednesday, March 10. Claire and Kristen will provide instructions to volunteers, who will be focusing on side dishes for the meal. This month will feature Jane Stirgwolt’s famous meatloaf along with homemade desserts baked by Jane. They are all set for volunteers this month but are recruiting for the next dinner in May. Please contact Kristen Armstrong or Claire Kallelis if you would like to volunteer in May.
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