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We are currently meeting via Zoom due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We look forward to returning to the Hawthorne Hotel soon! In the meantime, please email for our Zoom link.
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Meeting 2-25-20
50-50 RAFFLE
Pot Size: $526.00
Rinus Oosthoek and Glenn Niemy had the tickets, but there were no winners.

    SOLD BY:   Liz Bradt
      SOLD TO:   Liz Bradt

Jason Consalvo invited attorney John DiPiano to the luncheon.

Jason Consalvo lost his Paul Harris pin but is happy to inform us there is a way to replace it on the Rotary International website.
Viktoria Talebian thanked the organizers and attendees of the Derby Bowl/Flatbread’s event. She (through her office) also sponsored the upcoming Lifebridge dinner.
Bill Henning quipped that his partner Thomas loved bowling even though he was not admittedly a very good bowler.
Adria Duijvesteijn thanked Thomas for his lack of skill so she could look better!
Glenn Niemy and his daughter also had a great time bowling.
Joe Amico mentioned his church's “Ashes to Go” program that is very welcomed by harried commuters on Ash Wednesday.
Rinus reminded the auction committee to come meet at his Salem Chamber offices this Friday at 4:00PM.

REMINDER!  Next week's meeting will be a the Black Cat Cafe at Salem High School.  Be sure that you are on the list, and remember that parking is limited, so please carpool with another Rotarian or two.
The Polar Plunge is on February 29th.  Matt, Kristin, Mike, and Claire will be participating.  If you want to cheer them on, be at Long Beach in Gloucester at 11am.
There will be a Lifebridge dinner on March 4th at 4:30pm.  Please let Jane Stirwolt know if you would like to volunteer.  Thank you to Viktoria Talebian's office for sponsoring $200 for the meal.
The Bates School will be having an Amazing Handshake program on March 10th from 8:00-10:30am.  They are looking for volunteers.  The finalists will arrive before our lunch at the Hawthorne Hotel, perhaps as early as 11:45am, so arrive early for lunch if you can’t make it to Bates School!
The District 7910 (Newton area) conference will be held in May.  It will be held in Salem at the Hawthorne Hotel.  Our District conference will be held on May 12th, and is a boat cruise event out of Gloucester.
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Happy birthday to:
Adria Duijvesteijn - February 9th
Rich Eisner - February 11th
Jeff Schribman - February 19th
Rocky Pelletier - February 29th!

This week’s speaker was Lydia Gordon, a curator from PEM. She was here to discuss the exhibit of Jacob Lawrence’s work. The late Jacob Lawrence is a very important African American artist. He is the first black artist to have a show at MOMA in New York City.  MOMA purchased his ‘Migration Series’ when he was 23.
He was a child prodigy, growing up in Harlem and learning to paint in tempera. He worked in series, creating multiple painting on panels which would comprise the series. Over the course of his career he created 10 narrative cycles in this style.
The PEM has his seventh cycle on display.  It is 30 panels depicting the historic struggles of the American people. He worked on this from 1954-56. The major achievement in this exhibit was to bring all the available panels together. The last time these panels were seen together in a public space was when Lawrence himself exhibited them in his gallery in 1958. One collector owns 15 of the works, another 10 were found, and 5 of the series are missing, represented by empty frames (and reproductions that were too fragile to go on tour are not framed).
Be sure to leave plenty of time to see the exhibit – you’ll want to read the history around each panel as you revisit famous events in American history using a visual language that is unexpected. One example Lydia showed us was the crossing of the Delaware River during the Revolutionary War. The famous image most of us recall is Washington in boat heroically crossing. Lawrence’s work shows faceless men under tarps and freezing within their boats as they cross.
In addition to Lawrence, there are other artists influenced by him that add to this special exhibit which will soon go on tour for the next two years.
Don’t miss it!

3/3/2020 - Meeting at the Black Cat Cafe
3/10/2020 - Board and Committees to meet
3/17/2020 - Joan Lovely
3/24/2020 - Kristen Armstrong classification speech

Please email all announcements to be added to The Spoke to by noon on Wednesday.  Also, feel free to contact any of the committee members listed below.

Committee Chairperson and Editor:  Dave Wescott

Committee Members:  Gerrit Bradley,Scott Grover, Rick Jakious, and Patty Pace