The Salem Rotary Club was charted in 1918 and has more than 60 members. We are part of Rotary District 7930, which has 45 clubs representing more than 1,500 members in northeastern Massachusetts and southern New Hampshire.
Our Club practices Rotary’s moto of “Service Above Self” and provides many opportunities for service and social engagement in the city of Salem and beyond. Our members complete a wide variety of service projects each year and participate in fellowship events that lead to long-lasting friendships. We strive to do as much as we can for our neighbors, and we have fun doing it! Many Salem Rotarians also use our service and social activities as a chance to engage family and friends in giving back.
The Salem Rotary Club offers several avenues to membership. We encourage you to take a look at the membership options and benefits as well as our local and international projects and fellowship activities. You may want to join us in service and in fun!

Membership Benefits and Types

All membership options offer you access to the following benefits at varying levels:
  • Opportunities for hands-on, local community service and international humanitarian projects
  • Professional networking, fellowship, and leadership development
  • International invitation to Rotary Clubs worldwide
  • Guest speakers and special presentations
  • Subscription to Rotary Magazine
  • Access to Rotary Fellowships and Action and Affinity Groups
  • Regional and international conferences and events
  • Meet new people and make new friends, locally and through the world
The Salem Rotary Club offers several avenues to membership. Dues are billed quarterly. The Club has a one time joining fee of $200 on top of the yearly cost for membership, which is listed by category below:

Regular Membership - $1,421/year:

  • $50 quarterly dues
  • $25 donation to the Rotary Foundation
  • $1,196 meals ($23 per week)

Corporate Membership

For multiple Rotarians from the same organization:
First Member:
  • Same fees as Regular Membership
Additional Members:
  • $50 quarterly dues/member
  • $25 donation to the Rotary Foundation/member
  • $23 for meals when more than one Rotarian from membership attends.

Community Service Membership

For Rotarians only interested in service:
  • $50 quarterly dues
  • $25 donation to the Rotary Foundation
  • Minimum of $23 per month for one meal;
  • Additional meals will be billed as Rotarian attends multiple meetings/month

Local Projects

Salem Rotary serves and supports organizations and agencies that assist people from childhood into their senior years through activities like:
  • Host events for the Department of Children and Families
  • Support and volunteer with a variety of Salem non-profit organizations to address food insecurity, education and the environment.
  • Mentor and support the EarlyAct Club at the Phoenix School
  • Award up to $50,000 in scholarships to Salem college bound seniors and Career and Technical Education students
  • Community Partners have included: Build-A-Bed, Greater Salem Boys and Girls Club, Ipswich River Watershed, Lifebridge, Plummer Youth Promise, Salem’s Council on Aging, The Salem Pantry, and Salem Public Schools

International Project Support

Salem Rotarians participate in and support projects and efforts individually, with other Clubs, and through Rotary International that benefit people worldwide. These efforts include:
  • Eradication of Polio
  • 1,000 Smiles Dental Project, providing dental and medical procedures, 
  • Friends Forever Peace and Leadership Program
  • International Youth Exchange
  • Ukraine Initiative
  • Haiti Earthquake and Pandemic Relief

Fun and Fellowship

Salem Rotary is a great place to meet new people and make long-lasting friendships. This is done at weekly meetings and service projects, but also through recreational gatherings, events and activities like:
  • General Merry Making/Cocktail Hours
  • Theater Events
  • Cooking Classes
  • Paint Nights
  • Bowling


  PO Box 608, Salem, MA 01970